International Conference on
Computational Systems Biology

Systems Biology and Bioinformatics have become intensive research topics in the recent past decade and attracted great many leading scientists working in Biology, Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science. Optimization, Statistics, and many other mathematical methods have been widely used in the field.

The purposes of International Conference on Computational Systems Biology (ISB) is to provide an international forum for scientists, researchers, educators, and practitioners to exchange ideas and approaches, to present research findings and state-of-the-art solutions in this interdisciplinary field, including mathematical methods and its applications in biosciences and researches on various aspects of Computational Systems Biology, such as integration of genome-wide microarray, proteomic, and metabolomic data, inference and comparison of biological networks, and model testing through design of experiments.

ISB was formerly named International Symposium on Optimization and Systems Biology (OSB), and has been changed to its current name from 2010.


  1. OSB 2007
    Beijing, China, August 8-10, 2007
  2. OSB 2008
    Lijiang, China, October 31 - November 3, 2008
  3. OSB 2009
    Zhangjiajie, China, September 20-22, 2009
  4. ISB 2010
    Suzhou, China, September 9-11, 2010
  5. ISB 2011
    Zhuhai, China, September 2-4, 2011
  6. ISB 2012
    Xi'an, China, August 18-20, 2012
  7. ISB 2013
    Huangshan, China, August 23-25, 2013
  8. ISB 2014
    Qingdao, China, October 24-27, 2014
  9. ISB 2015
    Luoyang, China, August 21-24, 2015
  10. ISB 2016
    Weihai, China, August 19-22, 2016
  11. ISB 2017
    Shenzhen, China, August 18-21, 2017